Monday, January 28, 2013

Can i Get your Phone Number???

I'll say it again and again.

It's better to [b]state[/b] that you guys should exchange phone numbers than it is to [s][b]ask[/b][/s] for it.

This is the reason for it:

-saying something like, "[b]can i have your number?[/b]"... means that you are leaving the decision up to her. Unless you are a mac daddy who played the game impeccably smooth, there is a possibility that she isn't sure about giving you the number. She's if-fy about it which means that there is a chance that she won't give you the number.

-saying something like, [b]"let's exchange numbers"[/b]... means that you are being assertive and taking matters into your own hands. If she's if-fy about giving you the number, then you're assertiveness might be just the right nudge that she needs to give you the number.

When you approach a woman, it's an uphill battle right from the beginning. Basically, what you are doing throughout the interaction is showing her that you are a cool guy that she should get to know.

If you do a great job at that, then the phone number is in the bag. You could ask for it or state it, it wouldn't really matter.. you're getting the number regardless.

But... Most of us aren't at the stage yet where we can say for sure that we played the game so well that the numbers in the bag.. so why leave it up to her? why risk asking for it? When you can just proceed as if exchanging contact information is just part of the interaction..

tell me what you guys think?



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